Jewellery Care

To ensure the longevity of lovely jewellery pieces, here’s a quick list of everything you can do to ensure your jewellery and accessories can be used for a long time:

1.Check Regularly

It’s advisable to check on your jewellery, regardless of whether you wear it regularly or keep it stored.

2.Store Them Properly

Clean and wipe the jewellery dry and store each jewellery piece in a separate fabric-lined box. Use clean fabric or tissue paper to keep the jewellery, and then keep it in an airtight box.

3.Keep Away From Cosmetics and Sprays

Ensure that your jewellery doesn’t come in contact with chemicals and chemical-based products like perfumes, deodorants, hairsprays or any other cosmetics. These can not only discolour, but can also damage other items such as stones and pendant.

4.No Heat, No Light

Protect your jewellery from prolonged exposure to heat and light, owing to their extreme effects on your jewellery and accessories. Extreme heat and light can also affect the metal in different ways, and eventually make your jewellery look bad, or develop faults over time.

5.Clean With Microfiber Cloth

A regular microfiber cloth – like the one you use for your spectacles – works well to clean and polish your jewellery.  Ensure that you wipe your jewellery clean after you’ve worn it and are storing it away carefully after. Don’t resort to any aggressive cleaning methods, like using sharp or friction-causing materials to clean.


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